Extended Protection

Canada & United States Coverage
FCPP covers your vehicle anywhere in Canada and the continental United States.

Direct Response
FCPP will quickly and efficiently handle your claim. Repair costs are paid directly to the repair facility on authorized services, saving you from out-of-pocket expenses and the inconvenience of waiting for reimbursement.

Transferable Coverage
In the event you choose to sell your vehicle, you can apply to transfer the coverage to the next owner for the remainder of Policy/Contract term.

Plans have a choice of $100 or $200 deductible per repair visit, plus applicable taxes, on all covered repairs. In the event the same component fails again, no deductible will be charged for its repair or replacement.

Reducing Deductible
The selected deductible will be reduced by $50 when repairs are performed at your selling dealer.

Experience Based Refund (EBR)
(Coverage included in select Mechanical Breakdown Policies) If the Plan selected on your Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Policy includes EBR (Experienced Based Refund), you can apply for a refund as soon as the Policy has expired by time. Refunds are based on the amount you originally paid for the Policy, up to a maximum of $2,000, less your deductible. Criteria for EBR claim include:

  • Original Policyholder must still be registered owner of vehicle.
  • No mechanical or any other benefit claims were made during the entire term.
  • EBR claim must be requested and received in the allotted time frame.

Travel with a First Canadian Protection Plan.

Are you worried about unexpected breakdowns and unforeseen costly repairs? Vehicles are built with thousands of specialized parts and hi-tech components. With the cost of repairs increasing an average of 5% per year, an expensive repair can be a financial burden.

FCPP can eliminate those worries. Choose one of our protection plans to guard you against these unplanned expenses.

Additional Benefits Included in All Levels of Coverage No Deductible will apply to the following benefits:

  • RENTAL In the event of a covered breakdown, we will pay or reimburse you for receipted expenses to rent a replacement vehicle or reimburse you for actual taxi or public transportation ex penses.*
  • TRIP INTERRUPTION In the event that a covered breakdown occurs more than one hundred (100) kilometres from your home and results in a repair facility keeping your vehicle overnight, we will pay for receipted motel and restaurant expenses.*
  • EMERGENCY ROAD SERVICE In the event your vehicle becomes disabled and requires on-site assistance, we will pro vide you with 24-hour Emergency Road Service (1.800.516.3385), which includes Mechanical First Aid, Tire, Battery, Fuel Delivery, Towing and Locksmith Service.*