Platinum Key & Remote Protection

An easy solution to lost, stolen, and damaged keys and remotes.

Most vehicles today come with technologically advanced keys and remotes, and the cost to repair or replace and reprogram them can be unexpectedly steep.

Platinum Key & Remote Exchange provides up to 5 years of coverage for the costs associated with:

  • Deprogramming your previous key or remote
  • Purchasing your new/refurbished key or remote
  • Reprogramming your new key or remote
  • Delivering your new key or remote

Platinum Key & Remote Protection comes with a 30-day money back guarantee (less any claims paid).  Coverage is transferable if you sell your vehicle, and there are no deductibles for exchanges of OEM keys or remotes (a $50 deductible applies for exchanges of non-OEM keys or remotes).  Platinum Key & Remote Protection is available for both new and used vehicles.